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5 Apps To Checkout This Week:-

Here are some new apps for you 

1.Clipboard action:-

Clipboard Actions is an app by Halfreal games.
Clipboard Actions is a new app that brings different actions to your clipboard so you can do more on your mobile device.The app runs in background and creates actions based on your clipboard and shows them in the status bar as notification.

How will it help you?
Well lets take an example that you were surfing the internet and found an amazing article an wanted to share it with your friends or you need to shorten the URL.By using the app both the actions can be done within seconds.

Other Features Include:-
* Share images / videos: Download and share images and videos with just one touch
* Jump to previous clipboard entries!
* QR Code: Copy any text and create a QR code to share it directly
* Define: Define a word right in the notification bar
* Currency Conversion: Convert any currency to any other, by using google
* Share: Any copied content can be shared by clicking on the notification
* Open Link: When detecting a link open it in the browser.
* Search: Search the copied text on google.
* Show on map: Copy an address an jump directly to the map!
* Translate: The translate action jumps right to Google translate and uses your preferred language.
* Email to: Filter email address and start to compose a new mail with the found address.
* Call: Filter a phone number and call it.

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2nd on the list is KineMaster which is a full featured Video Editor.
Whether you’re a journalist, filmmaker, producing a commercial clip or a home movie, this app has you covered.

• Multiple layers for video, images, stickers, text, handwriting in video clips
• Frame-by-frame trimming, splicing and slicing
• Instant preview anytime
• Hue, brightness and saturation controls
• Speed control for video clips
• Fade in/fade out sound (overall)
• Volume envelope (Precise volume control from moment to moment within a clip)
• Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)
• A variety of themes, animations and visual and audio effects
• Share on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more is a popular free to-do list manager for Android that combines voice recognition, day planner, calendar, folder browser, missed calls, and more features inside a clean, easy-to-read interface.
With you can easily share your check lists & tasks with anyone to get more done, faster.

➜ Features
✓ Seamless cloud sync between your mobile, desktop, web and tablet
✓ Speak your mind with an integrated speech recognition
✓ Drag and drop to plan your agenda, and set alarms to stay on track
✓ Set a reminder - Choose your time and location based reminders
✓ Share with anyone- Share tasks & lists to get everyone on the same page
✓ Make it useful by adding sub-tasks, notes & file attachments
✓ Designed for mobile with simple gestures suppor
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Wallz is a free wallpaper app that collects images from many places such as Flicker,Google+,Bing etc.

Besides, this app collects wallpapers from 30+ OEMs with 100+ devices and the Wallz community.


1.000.000+ wallpapers are being updated every day and every hour.

- Great wallpapers from 30+ OEMs & 100+ devices (1000+ Stock wallpapers).

- The best collections of wallpapers: Material, minimalist, popular...

- Awesome wallpapers from Flickr groups, people, tags...

- Smart search feature: Search OEMs, groups, tags, photos...

- Add to favorites: Add new album to "Favorites" tab from search results.

- Easy to manage download wallpapers.

- Easy to crop & set wallpaper.

- Blur tool: Blur any wallpapers.

- Automatically changing the wallpaper by hour or by day.

- Create widget for changing the wallpaper quickly and easily.

- Provide photo sources for Muzei app.

- Notify when the new wallpaper galleries are added, include:

+ New device’ wallpapers from the OEMs.

+ Upcoming events’ wallpapers such as: Christmas, New year,…

+ Awesome wallpapers from communities.

+ Awesome wallpapers from tags.

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Sometimes when you are getting bored this app could help you with amazing facts.

• Instant updates so that you won't miss any facts

• Be forever alone no more! Share interesting facts with the world 

on Facebook, Twitter or email

• Browse, save and download all the facts you like

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For all the round icon pack lovers out there orbis is a popular icon pack with beautiful gradients, an inset glyph and multiple textures they come together to create my latest icon pack.

Orbis works with various launchers, such as Nova, Action, Smart. For the full list, you can see inside the app. This icon pack currently features 1295 circle icons.
To Download This From Play Store Visit:-


ZWART is a Beautifully designed BLACK icon pack with support for almost all the launchers.

▶ Features
• 2983 HD icons
• Cloud wallpapers
• Dashboard app with icon request tool
• Frequent updates
• Dynamic Calendar Icon support
• Multi launcher support
• Muzei support
To Download From Play Store Visit:-
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3.Easy Elipse Icon Pack

Easy Elipse is a new Icon pack by Droidscreens with over 4015+ icon which look Fabulous.
It also supports Dynamic Calenders & all the system apps.

Weekly updates with 40+ new icons!
Icon pack compatible with:▪ Action Launcher
▪ ADW Launcher
▪ ADW Launcher Ex
▪ Apex Launcher
▪ Atom Launcher
▪ Aviate Launcher
▪ Blur - A Launcher Replacement
▪ CM12 Theme Engine
▪ CM11 Theme Engine
▪ Go Launcher
▪ Holo Launcher

▪ Holo Launcher HD
▪ Inspire Launcher (No more available on Google Play)
▪ KK Launcher
▪ L Launcher
▪ LG Launcher
▪ Lucid Launcher
▪ Mini Launcher
▪ Next Launcher
▪ Nine Launcher (No more available on Google Play)
▪ Nova Launcher
▪ S Launcher
▪ Smart Launcher
▪ Solo Launcher
▪ TSF Shell 3D Launcher
▪ Themer Beta
▪ Trebuchet Launcher
▪ Unicon 

To Download From Play Store Visit:-
To Directly Download Apk:-
Easy Eclipse Apk

 LUXX is an Icon Pack made by deva112.Luxxicons are  made manually based on Vector graphic. Every icons drawn carefully to give a unique look. Designed for XXHDPI device, result may vary depends on your screen resolution.

• 730+ Custom Icons
• Compatible with Multi Launcher
• XXHDPI Icon 144x144 px
• Vector Graphics, Every Icons made Manually based on Vector
To Download From Play Store Visit:-

Many people today do not like big icon packs on mobile.MIn icons are Designed to be small, Min can be used on it's own or as a complement to another pack. From SixtyFour ThirtyTwo.

To Download From Play Store Visit:-

Here is the list of Top/New apps this week:-

1.Doze :-

We all have the problem of battery drain because of data usage [Wifi or 2G/3G/4G].

Doze an App that saves your Battery by preventing your apps from sending or receiving data without disabling your Wi-Fi or 2G/3G/4G data when screen is off. In this way it adds more hours to standby time and makes significant difference to battery life. 
Apps can resume normal activity when screen is on.

But even then the main feature that makes it different from the basic power saving apps is that When your screen is on, apps can resume normal activity. You do not need to check them out one by one unlock normal battery saver modes which turns off you data and only when you manually open the apps can they receive data again.   

To Download From Play Store Visit:-

To Directly Download Apk Visit:-


How many time has it happened that you were busy doing something else and had to stop just to check your notification.
Well than this app is for you audify is a notification reader app.
It speaks out your notifications through your phone speaker or headset or via any connected bluetooth device and intelligently ignores the notifications that might annoy you.

★ Mute annoying apps and enable only those apps you like.
★ Intelligently avoids consecutive notifications from the the same app to avoid annoying burst of notifications from a specific app.
★ Enable Audify on phone speaker.

To Download From Play Store Visit:-

To Directly Download Apk:-
Audify Apk

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3.Solid Explorer File Manager
Solid Explorer is the best looking file and cloud manager with two independent panels, which brings to you a new file browsing experience.
Apart from the ability to manage files in almost every location, it also gives you many customization options, such as themes, icon sets and color schemes. You can freely adjust the interface to match your taste. Dual pane file browsing with drag and drop greatly increases your productivity.

 Material Design!
- Two independent panels serving as file browsers
- Rich customization options: icons sets, color schemes, themes
- Drag and Drop inside and between panels
- FTP, SFTP, WebDav, SMB/CIFS clients
- Ability to read and extract ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR and TAR archives, even encrypted

- Ability to create password protected ZIP and 7ZIP archives
- Cloud file manager: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Sugarsync, Copy, Mediafire, Owncloud, Yandex
- Root access makes Solid Explorer a fully functional root explorer
- Extensibility: more features in separate plugins available in Google Play
- Indexed search finds your files in a couple of seconds
- Detailed file information with storage usage statistics
- Batch rename: change names of multiple files at once using regular expressions and variables
- Useful tools: hiding unwanted folders, FTP Server (plugin), bookmarks, Chromecast support, media browser

To Download From Play Store Visit:-

To Directly Download Apk Visit:-
Solid explorer file manager apk

4.Gallery Doctor:-

In our day to day life we take so many pics and download some much crap that we forget that we already have that in our phone and the storage space in our device starts getting full.
Gallery doctor is an app that helps you free up your store by grouping similar things together and then giving us option to directly delete the same file.

1 - Automatically identify unwanted photos
• Blurry shots
• Dark photos
• Photos with poor quality
• Similar photos
• Gallery Doctor even identifies your boring shots!
2 - Review the photos you want to keep
• You decide what to clean - Swipe left to delete or right to keep.
• Smarter over time - Gallery Doctor learns which photos you don’t like and gets smarter based on which photos you keep or clean.
3 - Clean up your Android gallery & organize your photos
• Organize your photos - Clean out the duplicates and the bad photos so you can make room for the good stuff.
• Storage & Photo manager - make more room for favorite apps!
Gallery Doctor does not store nor share any of your photos.
To Download From Play Store Visit:-

To Directly Download Apk:-


Phonograph is one of the best looking music player with clean UI.Phonograph is a music player for android that follows Google’s material design with fluid animations, colors that pop and of course core music player functionality.

Beautiful and clean UI
The entire user interface matches the material design guidelines to ensure Phonograph is an eye candy for you. Full usage of Android 5.0 Lollipops API 21 (scene transitions and ripples).
Easy to use
No complicated or overblown menus but a familiar interface, so that you will feel right at home when you start using Phonograph. The floating play-/pause button is always present to allow quick playback controls. integration
Phonograph automatically downloads additional information about your artists such as pictures or the artists biographies.
Dynamic colors
The UI colors change dynamically to match the main contents base color.
Tag Editor
The inbuilt tag editor allows you to easily edit the tags of your music files such as title, artist, album name (...) for single songs or whole albums. You can even either let Phonograph automatically download missing album covers for you (powered by or choose one from your internal storage.
Detailed file informations
Some useful and advanced informations for you geeks out there.
- Phonograph have all those standard features such as:

- Create and edit playlists
- Homescreen widget
- Lockscreen playback controls
- "Go-To Actions" such as jump from a song or an album right to its artist
To Download This From Play Store Visit:-
To Directly Download Apk Visit:-


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